reliability, safety, quality

We always have stock of wire ropes from 0.54mm to 52mm diameter to DIN EN standards.

HEKO offers all the advantages of a small-medium business :

  • The ability to be flexible and make quick decision
  • Customised solutions for all our partners and especially our customers
  • Combining competence and experience
  • Adapting to customers requests and changes in the market
  • Processing and delivering orders in the fastest possible time, usually same day

The Wire Rope

Our vast range of cables come in several diverse sectors. Our clients and the majority of our partners put their trust in the excellent quality of our products, be it for mining explorations, decorations, navigation, cranes, automobile industry, medical research, forestry or other industrial needs. Our cables are first class.


Our Range

1 x 7 – DIN 3052
Ø 0,3 mm – 5,0 mm

6 x 7 – EN12385-4 (DIN 3055)
Ø 0,9 mm – 20,0 mm

6 x 19 Filler – EN12385-4 (DIN 3057)
Ø 6,0 mm – 48,0 mm



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